Our Social Contributions

Social Contribution Activity

Donation of traffic safety flags

We are donating the traffic safety flags to Chitose city and Tomakomai city with our hope that automobiles never cause traffic accident. We ask the local elementary schools to show the flags around in the spring when the new pupils start to go to school.
Besides, the employees of our company and business partners carry out "the Yellow Flag Waving Campaign", the enlightenment activity for traffic safety on the road.

Clean campaign around factory

We pick up trash and litters on the roads around factories in both Chitose and Tomakomai.
We plant a lot of flowers in the green areas of factories every year so that the local people may enjoy.

Support for the exchange program of students studying abroad

Dynax is supporting the student exchange program between two high schools in Hokkaido and two in the state of Virginia, USA where Dynax America is located. We have supported this exchange program since 1999.

Participation in the activities for local encouragement

We are participating in various activities for local encouragement or industrial promotion with the prefectural office, city offices or local companies.

Lecture in the cooperative meeting among industry,
academy, government and finance in February 2009

At the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
in Chitose, November 2009

At the Sapporo convention of QC circle
Hokkaido branch in January 2007

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