Basic Policy

We believe that Quality is the management itself.
We shall improve the skill unique to Dynax as we grow, raise the product quality by all the employees and realize the co-prosperity with customers.

Three guides for Quality Assured

1. Product quality from work quality

We shall understand that quality is not the only from quality assurance section, but also from all the sections like marketing, purchasing, designing and accounting, and recognize that quality results from ourselves.

2. Utilization of the know-how from failure

We think that essential qualities of improvement are in the failures.
We shall analyze the failures in various sections by Sangen principle and Nazenaze analysis improving the skills by holding the know-how in common.

3. Improvement of product quality by the source principle

We shall prevent the problems from the subsequent process by putting the quality assurance into the sources of product like design plans, various manuals, specifications, control plans, operation manuals and so on.

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