Research and Development

Research and Development

Creative R & D for the future

Lubrication study working with institutes
We are pursuing Research and Development that creates an automobile society fitting to the earth in the future.
With this attitude, we are producing our products through the integrated research and development system.
Our research ranges from the fundamental studies on friction to application and endurance tests with test equipment we designed, where driving conditions are simulated.
In addition, by actively working with various institutes and research laboratories of all types of manufactures, we are ready to produce unique products.

Research by analysis machines

We research the friction materials using various analysis machines and develop new products.

Testing of performance

Dynax checks the product performance by various test equipment to satisfy customers' needs or purpose.
Our strength is the integrated development from friction materials to the clutch pack assemblies.

Ecology, Saving energy, Hybrid

Development prize awarded

Dynax received "Technical Innovation Award" from Jatco Ltd for the contribution to the fuel efficiency of CVT(Continuously Variable Transmission), a result of the environmentally friendly development.

Development to module

We are developing the new type of transmission or starting device for fuel efficiency in not only friction plates but also module products.

Products for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Our products for hybrid electric vehicles are increasing in both models and volume as hybrid electric vehicles increase recently.

Participation in EV development project

Dynax is developing the product for the coming EV era.

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